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Stone & Lime Co Ltd are Stonemasons in Fife and the surrounding area specialising in the conservation, restoration and repair of historic and traditional buildings. Established by stonemason Craig Westwater and expert limeworker Graeme Frew, Our combined knowledge and craft base ensures your building is in the best hands. We carry out any scale of project from small private repairs to large commercial restorations. 

Attention to detail and quality of work are our main priorities with all projects. We will discuss your requirements and make our recommendations to ensure you get the correct work carried out to the highest standard. We are your local experts for all stonemasonry and traditional lime services in and around Fife. Contact us now for free advice or a  free quotation. 

Our comprehensive list of services include Lime Pointing, Lime Harling, Stone Replacement, Stone Repairs and Chimney Repairs. Take a look at our services for further information.  

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Traditional buildings are generally constructed before 1919 and have a solid wall construction. This construction behaves differently to a modern construction wall with modern methods and materials. Modern wall structures are built to exclude water ingress like a waterproof jacket, however a traditionally built wall is designed to control water ingress and egress and is often referred to as a ‘breathable’ wall.


The use of the correct materials in the repair or maintenance of traditional walls is vital. Natural stone and lime mortars allow the water vapour transport through the materials allowing the building to dry and not become saturated. The incorrect use of modern materials such as cement in the repair of these structures prevents the water vapor transport and allows the build up of moisture in the core of the walls. This can lead to a damp, cold and unhealthy building and will cause deterioration of the stonework and structure of the wall.


Fife has over 6,200 listed buildings and 48 conservation areas making it an especially heritage rich area. Stonemasons build up local expertise when working in specific areas ensuring they fully understand the construction and materials used in the region. When selecting a stonemason to carry out repairs on your building make sure you consider using stonemasons in Fife.

Keep up to date with our stonemasons in Fife by checking out our social media page. We have live feeds from our pages across multiple social platforms, where we update you with project pictures and company updates. This is the best way to find out what we are up to. 




We approach conservation projects with building integrity and authenticity at the forefront of all decision making. With a bespoke, sympathetic approach applied to each project, the outcome is honest to the building’s history and ensures client satisfaction.

Hot lime mortar work

Vegetation removal

Building stabilisation

Building consolidation

Stone consolidation




We provide building restoration services such as stone repair and replacement including intricate carving ideal for reinstating lost detail. A full array of limework services using traditional hot limes and natural hydraulic limes is also offered. Stone & Lime Co.’s understanding and experience with lime is second to none.

Lime pointing

Lime harling and rendering

Stone replacement

Stone repair

Building / Walling




We offer a range of general masonry repair services ensuring the health and maintenance of your building. Often undervalued, routine repair and maintenance of traditional buildings is vital in ensuring their longevity. 

Building health check

Chimney repair / rebuilds

Lime washing

Stone cleaning

Traditional sand mastic

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